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'Wonder' - New limited edition charity print

£95.00 - On Sale

‘Wonder’ - Here's a new print release to support the amazing work that Orangutan Veterinary Aid - OVAID​ do for rescued Orangutans in Indonesia and Borneo. It's based on an image of rescued baby orangutan, so tiny when she witnessed the death of her mother and entered into the illegal pet trade, she was terrified and malnourished, not knowing who she could trust. Once at SOCP rescue centre, she gained confidence and is now on the road to recovery and rehabilitation.

'The sale of this stunning DANK print will enable Orangutan Veterinary Aid to fundraise for more life saving veterinary equipment for all the major orangutan rescue centres, including a major fundraiser to purchase a digital X-ray machine for the largest orangutan rescue centre in the world' - Sara Hicks ( OVAID )

Edition of 50 prints - £95.00 + £15 shipping
Hand finished AP of 10 prints - £110 + £15 shipping
A2 size
Each print signed and numbered
Shipping worldwide

Available from

100% of the profits go to OVAID charity

you can also donate to OVAID via Virgin Money Giving