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'Tokyo Rain' - original painting on canvas

Image of 'Tokyo Rain' - original painting on canvas

£1,500.00 - On Sale

'Tokyo Rain' - Original acrylic and spray paint on canvas - 60 x 48 inches

This painting shows an energetic and vibrant neon filled rainy night in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I wanted to capture the idea of a moment passing, perhaps walking on the streets, or in a taxi rushing passed the huge blocks of neon colour of the buildings around. The idea of painting the imperfect, the blurry, the out of focus, the distorted views of the city, momentary glimpses. I also wanted to really add a sense of wet paint, drips, colours running in the rain, the feeling of rain pouring over you, water getting into your eyes, making you squint, using the paint to evoke those feelings, rivers of colour, Liquid LIghts.....

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