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>SOLD< - 'Silence' - Original painting on canvas

Image of >SOLD< - 'Silence' - Original painting on canvas


'Silence' - Acrylic and spray paint on deep edged box canvas - Box framed - Currently on show 5th Base Gallery at my solo show 'Queen Of Neon' which runs until April 6th

This in one of my new works on canvas and a different series of works, taking the Geisha imagery with the traditional ideas of being brightly lit, bold, colourful and bright, and focusing more on the emotions and mood of the subject. With a look back to traditional oil painting, the subject emerges from the darkness, heavy shadows creating deep canyons of blackness, the folds of the Kimono, like mountain peaks. Abstract shapes picked out by the spot light reveal her face, the stillness and silence of the piece, she's lost in thought, the performance has ended, the lights have gone off, all is silent.

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