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'Light Dance' - Original painting on canvas

Image of 'Light Dance' - Original painting on canvas

£1,250.00 - On Sale

'Light Dance' - Original acrylic and spray paint on canvas - 40 x 30 inches

There is also a limited edition print available of this painting, signed and numbered and also a hand finished option available from the gallery.

This painting represents a transition between the energy and motion of my cityscapes, and rainy night scenes with the traditional Geisha style portraiture and imagery. I wanted to embody a sense of motion, and a snapshot of lights dancing, blurring, as though blinking and seeing a fleeting glimpse of this electric movement, these dancing shapes, contortions of light and colour, mixing together into a series of fluid, wave like shapes and brush strokes. The sense of dance and levity, a sense of electric energy and beauty. For me this painting bridges the gap between my works and ties together so many elements of light and colour, mood and atmosphere.