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'Ghost Lines' - Original painting on canvas

Image of 'Ghost Lines' - Original painting on canvas

£2,250.00 - On Sale

60 x 48 inches
Acrylic, spray paint and paint markers
Deep edged box canvas on wooden frame
Ready to hang
Signed on side and reverse

'This painting is a street view of the amazingly vibrant and colourful Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan. I was there in Feb this year for my third time, a hugely influential place for my art, it's somewhere i have painted on numerous occasions. In this painting I wanted to leave some of the painting as the base 'ghost lines' to almost create a sense of another world, another dimension, almost like these outline figures inhabiting the same space as everyday life, but not visible...stripping away the colour and the architecture revealing these figures....almost like neon outlines of people themselves....something quite ghostly about this, something beautiful....' Dank ( 2017 )

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