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'Angel' - Original painting on canvas

Image of 'Angel' - Original painting on canvas

£1,350.00 - On Sale

40 x 30 inches
Box Framed, available with or without frame
Signed and original
Spray paint and acrylic on canvas

I wanted to explore further the ideas of motion within static geisha poses, contrasting to the traditional slow moving performance or f the geisha, the statue like beauty and poise. The idea of painting the geisha as a quick glimpse, perhaps a moment looking through a doorway at her, sitting on the ground, unaware of the viewer, a momentary glimpse into her world. She smiles, maybe she has seen the secret viewer, it amuses her. The blurs of colour and streaks of neon light, echo the rainy Tokyo scenes, the city itself, the spirit of the city embodied in the figure of the geisha. She's an angel, beautiful, serene and pure, long shadows form behind her, the shaft of light that illuminates her, creating wing like shapes int he shadows behind, a play on light?